Delivering on our key priority to accelerate the core business, we are pleased to announce Microsoft® GP® integration with the Microsoft® Office System. With the launch of the Microsoft Office System, our customers will be able to effectively utilize integration between Microsoft Office and Microsoft GP 7.x to turn information into business impact. 

Target and tailor information to be more productive using Microsoft GP and Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services

With the integrations to Microsoft GP that are built into Microsoft® Windows® SharePoint™ Services, customers can add relevant and real-time business information to their SharePoint site using pre-defined templates.

Effectively manage inventory

Review inventory levels for items or groups of items, see what's on order and what's on backorder, as well as check pricing on inventory items. 

Analyze sales

Share sales information with the sales team, and analyze sales history by various restrictions, such as salesperson, territory, or sales document type. Site includes graphical representations of sales progress.

Look up pay information

Gain instant access to personal pay information, including pay amounts and withholdings, as well as review charts depicting analysis on pay deductions.

Utilize Microsoft Office Excel 2003 connectivity with Microsoft GP

By integrating Excel 2003 with Microsoft GP, customers will be able to bring key business data into spreadsheets for more timely access to information needed to make good decisions.

Quick and easy import

Import Microsoft GP data directly into Excel 2003 for easy analysis and reporting, using "built-in" Data Connection wizard. This data source contains the information needed, such as database server and security privileges, to enable an easy connection process.
Logical data integrations

Relationships between the data has already been established in the business objects for Microsoft GP, making the data much more useful than generically extracting it from a Microsoft® SQL Server™ table.
Only relevant data

Using the Data Connection wizard, identify the specific rows and columns as well as enter query parameters to further pinpoint the data that's most meaningful.
Want to know how? The wizard will take you step-by-step through the process of getting the data you want.