July 2021 #The Exciting Future of Microsoft Dynamics GP - Lifecycle Update

Finally, it is official, a published Lifecycle (Roadmap) for Microsoft Dynamics GP that extends well into the future!!  

This notification from Microsoft shows the dedication to the Microsoft Dynamics GP product and direction to help our customers and partners navigate through the decision of upgrading to the current release of Microsoft Dynamics GP.  The Lifecycle Roadmap shows dates well into the future, 2028 and beyond which indicates a longer confirmed date for Modern Lifecycle verses the Fixed Lifecycle versions.  

Since the October 2019 release, Microsoft Dynamics GP follows the Modern Policy. The Modern Policy offers continuous support and servicing, including bug fixes, new features and the latest tax updates. Customers may stay current by taking at least one of the three yearly planned Dynamics GP releases.

Over the last couple of years with the yearly October (Fall) Feature releases, the Modern Lifecycle was not updated/extended to show the future strategy roadmap of the product, which has now changed.  With this Lifecycle update you can see there is still active development and support planned for many years to come for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Aside from sales tactics that may suggest something to the contrary, Dynamics GP is not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, since the October 2019 release, Dynamics GP has the same Modern Lifecycle commitment from Microsoft as Dynamics 365. This shift from Fixed Lifecycle support (with a defined sunset date) to Modern Lifecycle support with no end in sight signals Microsoft intends to continue enhancing and supporting the solution. Because of Modern Lifecycle, you should expect to see more frequent updates to Microsoft GP. These all-inclusive updates are easier to manage and deploy versus larger version upgrades you may be accustomed to historically. 

Microsoft Dynamics GP is an amazing on-premise application and we have built a huge community over the last 30+ years of Partners and Customers that love the product just as much as we do. Because of this we keep adding new features and continue to improve on it based on user’s direct feedback.  Make sure you are up to date on your Microsoft Dynamics GP version so that you can fully leverage the benefits of the Modern Lifecycle Policy and everything the product has to offer.  There is no need to move away from Dynamics GP.

Thank you for your continued support, understanding, patience and feedback through this process. Don't get caught up in the clickbait you see online, continue to believe in the Microsoft Dynamics GP product and the tremendous community we have built over the years.  Thank you all to continue to be ambassadors of Dynamics GP and tell the true story of the product.  I'm amazed daily by the dedication and commitment from all our Partners, Customers and Users, we truly are a #GPStrong community.  Let no one take us down.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is not Going Anywhere – Microsoft Is Committed to YOU.


Terry Heley
'GP Lifer'