Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016.

System-wide changes Web Client enhancements The user interface for the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client has been refreshed to provide a more updated appearance. The banner in space now enables users to log in and log out, as well as indicating what company they’ relogged into number of enhancements to the user experience.Support for additional browsers and mobile devices Web Client now includes support for multiple devices, including iPad and Android tablets, as well as using multiple web browsers. The supported browsers include:  Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome 

Open Web Client windows using search A new search feature let you locate and open windows through search. The new search feature also works with applications that integrate with the Web Client.Ability to scan multiple pages When you’re using the scan function that’s part of the Document Attachment feature, you now can scan more than one page at a time if you’re using a document feeder. Previously Document Attachment could scan only one page at a time.With GP 2016 we will have the ability to use the Document Attachment scanning functionality to scan in multiple pages(instead of one at a time). Supported scanners need to use WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) technology, along with a document feeder. The scanning process creates files in .TIF format.Word templates for batch approval workflow Workflow batch approvals now have a default Word template for the edit list for the following batches in the following areas: General Ledger, Payables, Receivables 

The edit lists can be emailed to an approver to provide complete information about the transactions in the batches before approving the workflow step.Workflow condition management New options are available for automatically processing workflows when something in the workflow doesn’t meet specified conditions. If a condition is not met, the workflow can continue to the next step or it can be rejected.

Business Intelligence 

changes SmartList favorite protection Greater control over changes to SmartList favorites is now available by requiring a password to modify a favorite.When users try to modify a SmartList favorite they will be prompted to enter a password. 

SmartList Designer SmartLists available in Advanced Lookups Users can now assign SmartList Designer List favorites to Advanced Lookup windows. Favorites now can be assigned toall lookup windows.Support secure connection to Management Reporter service Enable users to connect to Management Reporter (MR) service using a more secure https:// connection. Currently,the MR Services only supports http:// This enhancement was added in response to feedback from customers who requested a more secure connection when rendering their financial data. This functionality will be available with Management Reporter cumulative update 16.

Power BI on Web Client Home page Power BI reports are now available on the web client home page if Dynamics GP must be registered with Power BI App Registration Tool or with Azure Management Portal. With this enhancement, you can make critical business information more readily available than it was previously.

System-wide enhancements Indicate the name of person editing a batch in the message "Batch is being edited by another user"There is now greater visibility for showing which specific users are editing batches. If you try to edit a batch that another user is already working with, that user’s ID appears in the message appears. Previously, the message only indicated that ‘another user’ was editing the batch. 

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