Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012R2 is the Microsoft® enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for enterprises that empowers your people to anticipate and embrace change so your business can thrive. By combining comprehensive ERP with purpose-built industry capabilities, this single powerful solution delivers value across your business quickly, the agility to maximize opportunities in a changing market, and the simplicity to drive innovation— today and tomorrow.


- Help people work fast and smart

In the volatile world of business, individual productivity and effectiveness has a direct impact on your bottom line. Give people familiar, easy-to-use tools that enable them to work quickly and make smart, proactive decisions.

- Transform change into opportunity

To keep pace with the competition, companies still need to extend into new territories, launch new products and services, and increase business strengths through mergers and acquisitions. With Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can successfully manage growth and change by building profitable supply chain relationships and quickly adapting internal processes to meet changing demands.

- Be a world-class contender

Today, business opportunity can mean enlarging your customer base to include a worldwide audience or expanding across borders into new sites or branch offices. Microsoft Dynamics AX is designed to manage the complexities of a global organization by consolidating and standardizing processes and providing visibility across your organization.

- Simplify Compliance

Companies face myriad regulatory requirements that vary widely across regions and countries. Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you reduce risk and liability associated with corporate governance, regulatory compliance, and customer initiatives.