Microsoft Dynamics GP for Plantation Management System 

With Activity Based Costing solution which handles the overall plantation operations from the acquisition of land, land improvements, planting, maintenance, harvesting, payroll until replanting.

all activity controlled through the system resulting in efficiency and productivity, with business intelligence analysis that can help management in controlling and make decision faster.


Microsoft Dynamics GP Plantation Management System Package Module :


Land Acquisition

Area Statement (Estate, Division, Block, Sub Block/ Year of Planting)

Activity Management (Nursery, upkeep, Daily Worker/LKH, Vehicle Running, re-planting etc..)

Activity Budgeting

Harvest Management

Seed Management

Plasma Management

Weighbridge Online & Offline

Oil Mill Management

Workshop Management

Maintenance Management

Work Flow Management

Financials Management

Supply Chain Management

VAT Controller

Purchase Request Management

Fund Request and Expenses Reimbursement

Work Order Management (SPK)

Human Resources & Payroll Management


Business Intelligence Dashboard & Power BI

Vendor Portal Management